Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fun on the Fourth

We began our 4th of July early with a breakfast at our ward. My kiddos were patient to wait for their pancakes, but after that was done, they were off!

I love that Josh is just in to "themes" as I am, so of course, we were all wearing the colors of the day!

BTW, this little girl of mine has charmed almost the entire ward! I have a new person each week tell me how much they would LOVE to babysit her! (brothers too, but she's doing all the PR work)

It's rare to get all 5 of us in the same shot!
(so rare, that Jack just had to cover his face just to be consistent!)

Red Rover!

Duck, Duck, Goose
(Josh is the only boy in his Primary class, and the girls LOVE him!)

But today, Josh got to chase Kate all over the field!

Then he was chased by another classmate, Callie!
(popular boy)

The Hmong-speaking Elders!!
Elder T, from Hawaii (and there is no way I can type his entire name), won the cherry pit spitting contest with a distance of 42.5 feet! The hats were for pure entertainment, so I had to capture it!

Jack had an 'I'm too cool for my bike" moment and refused to smile.

The decorating of the bikes were the highlight of our weekend! I figured I owed them all the frills since I rarely, if ever, decorate the inside of our house for holidays.

Then we were lucky enough to spend our evening with the Davis family. Josh and Jack hit it off with their daughter, Maddie, immediately after they moved to WI one month after us! And their other daughter Sydney can even say "Layla" so we know they are good buddies.

The Kid Table
Hot Dogs, watermelon, juice boxes, chips, cookies!
Totally All-American Kids

This was the last we saw of Jack! He was NOT a fan of the fireworks. And when I say fireworks, I mean the ones we usually refer to as the "illegal" ones! They are very legal, and very popular here in WI. Jack spent his evening inside with the toys... and the babies had gone to bed as well.

The Men
Both of these guys were a little gun-shy, since we are so used to worrying about the cops busting us!

Josh and Maddie

Then the crazy wired-kid stuff started...

We looked over after we heard Josh saying, "Jack, just lay down here so I can jump over you."
Jack dodged the bullet this time!

We had a really great time with this family!

Holidays are so much better when they are full of people, laughing, and fun!


Amanda said...

Lindsey, you look AWESOME! It sounds like such a fun 4th of July! Miss you guys.

Shanny said...

So, wait, why do you have Hmong speaking elders? There is a big Hmong community out there?

Looks like you had a great 4th!

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

haha Josh is such a little stud with his girl friend. They look quite cozy with each other. And Linds you look great in those photos! Glad you guys had such a great holiday. :)

Erin said...

Holy cow! Did I just see Layla standing. what happened to the roly poly baby?