Friday, June 10, 2011

Heading Home - UT part 3

We had such a great, busy, family-filled visit... But our time in UT came to an end. First of all, THANK YOU to the Goates and the Montagues for letting us stay in your homes, with all of our busy kiddos! They had a blast, and we love you so much.

Before we left town, we were able to meet the Jacobs and the Smiths for dinner at the Red Iguana. (yum, yum, yum!)
We miss you guys!!

So, not 5 minutes up Parley's Canyon and we heard the dreaded sound of all sounds... All of the unknown made Jack so nervous that he kept his face in the "bucket" for the next 30 minutes. (poor guy!) Oh, and this was after a 45 minute visit to a weekend clinic to treat some eye infections. What a send off!

For those who have made the journey across South Dakota, you totally know why we had to stop. For miles and miles, and more miles, all we saw were signs singing praises about this "historic" must-see. "Free Ice Water." "Fresh Fudge."
Dan made fun of the whole idea of, mostly because he was sick of the signs. (honestly, there was nothing else to look at) But when we stopped, it totally became the Dan show! I think he had more fun than the kids...

(yep, very off-limits)

This was a special picture meant for those with a sense of humor! All Dan's idea, of course!

Silly Faces!!

"I want, I want"
(not a fan of touristy toy stores)

None of us really understood what this was, but surprisingly, it was Jack who climbed up!

Thanks, Wall Drug, for all of the really random memories!

And thanks again UT friends and family for the wonderful time!
See you all very soon!


Dawn said...

That, was FUNNY. Thanks for sharing.

Brenna said...

It's a Jackalope! Haven't you ever seen one? They're all over the fields in SD ;)