Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 19th

FIVE years ago I became a mommy!


With each passing year, I find so many new things that make me so proud to be Josh's mom.
  • He is SO nice to others, all the time.
  • He's never been territorial with his "stuff" when friends are around.
  • He is wanting to know lots about Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, and what happens after we die. And he remembers everything we tell him.
  • JOSH IS READING!!! (word families are easy to him now)
  • Josh is also spelling out words phonetically, and I as a former K-teacher, I am WAY impressed!
  • Josh loves, loves, loves his grandparents! He can't wait for visits and skype chats.
  • He loves to know how things work, or are related. (that makes sense if you really know him)
  • Right now, he is overly obsessed with Star Wars. (just wait for the party pics!)
  • He has the most amazing memory. The things he brings up leaves us dumbfounded.
  • Once in a while he will take a long nap, and then wake up as the sweetest boy ever!
  • He was in preschool in UT, LOVED IT, and cannot wait for kindergarten to start!
  • His theme for life right now, thanks to Wendy Sorenson, is: try something new. (food, movies, activities, etc)
  • He has started to take showers rather than baths!!
  • He misses his buddy Gabe.
  • He loves stealing hugs from his baby sis, even if she doesn't love it!
  • Josh loves to play chase games with Jack; from Jedi roles to Robin Hood.
  • He gets SO excited for our Family Movie Night, and loves when we are all together at home.
Oh, I could go on and on!

Josh, you teach me so much every day. You teach me to be prepared to answer your questions, that never stop coming! You allow me to be a teacher once in a while again. You have shown me how to be content at home, and how to enjoy life at a slower pace.

We love you Josh!


Granny said...

Happy Birthday Josh. Can't wait to see you next week. We're counting the days! We are all so lucky to have you in our life.

Karen said...

Aww shucks, what a cute kid! Happy Birthday big boy!

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

That's such a sweet post. I miss that boy and all of you Montagues! I'm excited to see the party pics and hear about the day.

natalie said...

Okay... reading AND showers? Josh is the dude! Happy Birthday, Josh! I hope your day filled with Star Wars was out of this world!

Dawn said...

I am so glad that Josh is in our family. He had a big job entertaining us all for 18 months until Jack came along, but he did it beautifully. He will always be the family well as the pace-setter.

Happy Birthday Josh.