Friday, November 26, 2010

With Tons of Time on My Hands...

...and no friends or family around, I decided to make doughnuts to win over my neighbors!! It worked. But more on that later.


Layla has 3 favorite things: pink blanket, binkie, milk. When I captured her here, she was lucky enough to have all 3 at the same time. (this means that Dad let her keep the bink after nap time) Oh, and she is walking all over the place, going up and down stairs, and being quite daring with climbing on everything. She is trouble these days!

And seriously, it is rare to get the boys to 1) hold still for my slow camera, and 2) smile at the same time for my camera. But who wouldn't smile while popping bubble wrap, right?!


Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

Fun stuff! Your kids are just so cute. Seriously. Miss you guys!!!

Shanny said...

Um, I need you to be my new neighbor! Those doughnuts look delicious!

And how did you have time to make doughnuts when you just moved? I'm very impressed :)

Lindsey Montague said...

Shanny, I am a little neurotic. That's how.

Aaron & Amy Norton said...

linds, love your posts. I found Livi on STANDING STRAIGHT UP ON top of my kitchen table TWICE today...i was downstairs watching tv and heard chairs being pulled. went upstairs to see her caught red handed. The 2nd time icaught her I yelled "LIVI!" right when i saw her and scared her to death and had to calm her shaking shrill for a while. poor girl!