Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What do you do...

...when Bountiful Baskets gives you 21 heads of baby bok choy?

You make a yummy stir fry, of course!
(yeah, baby. Shrimp!)

Recipe here:

This only took me about 20 minutes last night. (with reading, and prep) Today for lunch I used the rest of the shrimp and mushrooms, and it took me 10 minutes! Easy.


(this recipe only used 6 bok choy heads, then 3 for lunch... So I still have 12 heads left!)


Lindsay said...

so I sauted some in oil with a tiny bit of garlic. never had bok choy before, didn't know what to expect. Dave & I both thought it was extremely gross- I thought it tasted like the way fresh grass clippings smell, and Dave thought it was much worse! maybe it needs a stronger sauce to cover its natural taste. Glad you were able to find something to do with it - I'm giving the rest of mine to Paul and Meiling!

Amanda said...

creative! I think I'd be disappointed with that but good job coming up with a good meal!

Lindsey Montague said...

I forgot to mention that Dan had bok choy ALL the time in Hong Kong, so it was one of the 1st things he ever cooked for me when we were married/engaged.

I wasn't afraid of it... just overwhelmed by the amount we got this week!

Lindsay, try blanching it for 30 seconds, then pouring a bit of Oyster sauce over it. Make sure it is pretty drained before you do that, and then again before you serve it. Oyster sauce is found at any grocery store and isn't as gross as it sounds! That's Dan's favorite way of eating it.

Emily said...

We tried ours two ways: grilled and braised. The grilled was pretty simple: Olive oil, sea salt, and pepper. The braised was sauteed with a purple onion, salt and pepper, and some white rice vinegar. I liked the braised better, believe it or not my kids even tried it, they preferred it grilled.
Now I want to try it your way, it looks great!