Thursday, June 10, 2010

8 Months

Our beautiful baby girl is 8 months old!

Layla brings a smile to anyone's face, just by looking at her because she always gives it right back. Her big, blue eyes and long, black eyelashes are quite the attention-getters. One cousin is convinced that Layla needs her own talent agent! 

When asked who she looks like most, I will tell you my opinion. She has Jack's round eyes and cheeks, while she has Josh's hairline. But, her personality is SO similar to Josh's as a baby. She LOVES attention, making happy noises, and being involved in any group... just like Josh did. She does have a very sweet and quiet side, which is more like Jack was as a baby. So, just as I have said all along, she is a perfect mix of both of her brothers.

Right now, she is showing a stubborn side when it comes to sleeping. What I mean is, she has a favorite blanket, just like Josh did, but hers is SO thick and fluffy... And now it's summer and I don't want her sweating during every nap! It's sweet that she loves something already. (besides her brothers and dad!)

I have also decided that this age of Layla's is my favorite. She is on the verge of crawling, but still stuck in one spot. Yet she is so interested in everything. This is why she eats from a bottle during the day-feedings. She can't miss one thing! 

I feel like I have truly been able to enjoy Layla's baby-hood. I am home full time, and the boys have been so responsible about being good during those times I need to be with Layla. (well, for the most part!) I almost feel like I am experiencing things for the first time, again, but in a much more relaxed way. Well, she is the 3rd. 

(no, I am not a pro, so don't suggest having more just because it's been a good run)

So many changes are coming our way: scooting, crawling, cruising, walking! AAAGH! Oh, and her 1st b-day is speeding upon us. But we just love her so much and will enjoy every moment. I can honestly say she is all of our favorite girl ever!


Suzanne said...

She is a wonderful baby! I'm so glad I finally got a chance to meet her.

Dawn said...

I can't believe it has been 8 months. She is the easiest baby...entertains herself much of the time. I agree that she is a good mix of her brothers, but I see so much of the cupie doll bright-eyed look of her mommy, too.

Love her!