Sunday, August 28, 2011

Why I am proud to Be

a "Goates"

I know I am also a Montague, and that also makes me so proud. But I feel the need to highlight my siblings and their amazing spouses.
(and then my own kiddos, because I am not me without them!)

Ben, Amanda, and Owen Goates
(and baby #2 due in March)

Ben and Amanda moved to Ohio a few years ago, following the promptings they felt from the Lord: no job, no school prospects... Just faith that they were doing what was right. Since then, Ben started a job he enjoys, Owen joined their family, and Amanda has been able to use her amazing degree in speech pathology while being an AMAZING mommy!
Ben just graduated from Ohio State University with his MBA!!!
Talk about following the Lord's plan and being blessed.

Jason & Jacey Goates
(aka J&J, when I mention them in emails or texts!)

It is true that one spouse cannot follow a dream without TOTAL and complete support from the other. This is exactly what has been going on with these 2 in UT. Jacey (with her mom) just successfully opened THEIR OWN dance studio!! Jacey is a wonderful dancer and instructor and loves what she does. What better way to follow your heart than to just do it full time?!
J&J, our family loves you so much and we are so excited to come and see your new studio. We are so proud of your hard, hard, physically-draining work.

Jamie and Ryan (below) and Grace Turner
(baby #2 due in Feb)

So Jamie and I are 7 years apart. This was not so conducive for a close relationship when we were younger, but has made for a really special one now that we are "adults!" Jamie is considered our entire family's in-house photographer, so when she and hubby moved to NV our dinners and other activities were much less captured. She is very talented! Jamie is also a VERY patient woman, wife, and mother. She is a med-student's wife to a guy who gets crazy-high scores. Enough said!
Below is hubby, Ryan. He is not only an excellent student, but is admired for the high standards he holds himself to. At the same time as all of this greatness (!), he is the nicest guy ever, as well as the cutest dad!

(beware of cheezy picture below)

Elder Thomas Goates
(in Argentina for 10 more days)

There is nothing bad I have EVER been able to say, or even find about Tom. We all love him, miss him, pray for him, and talk about his return all the time!! Thomas is 10 years younger than me, but I have always looked up to him for his steadfastness in his testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and his love for the scriptures. We will are excited, and feel spoiled to get to have him all to ourselves for a few days in Sep!!


This little girl of mine is a mini-me in so many ways! Her crazy love for mischief with her brothers drives us nuts, but defines who she is: fun, silly, smart, brave, cuddly, independent, adventurous, loyal. I am proud to be her mama.
Holy cow, she is just so dang cute!!


This sweet boy of mine has done so much growing this year. Think about it - he's been in WI for 1/4 of his entire life!! Jack has this sweetness about him that makes me fall in love with him every day. He is so content with who he is at such a young age, which I know comes from a deep maturity he has inherited from his dad. He can play with the group one minute, then be just as happy doing his own imagining the next.
I just love him.


Some days I can't believe the strength my oldest child has. He has already had to learn life lessons at 5 1/2 that I didn't face until I was a few years older. I am able to have very mature, specific teaching moments with Josh, and then he RETAINS every piece of information. He has high standards for himself, though I doubt he can put them in to words yet: keeps the Sabbath Day holy (by saying 'no' to Sunday bday parties), uses appropriate language (when peers do not), enjoys being able to put aside tithing when he earns money.
I am confident in sending him off to school because I know he knows what is right.

I am blessed to be not just surrounded, but RELATED to all of these amazing individuals.
(sibs and in-laws)

**I realize that there are some people missing: my parents & hubby.**
To them I say that I love you as well.
Mom and Dad - you taught me to want to excel, be true to myself, and to hold family close.
Dan - you are my other half, and there is just too much to say in one blog post.


Amanda said...

What a sweet post! You have a really great family, you're right.

Lindsey Montague said...

Cool side note - this was my 200th post!!

Dawn said...

What a nice tribute to all those people I love so much. We have a fun, talented, and diverse family...and I'm so glad that you are part of it. Miss you all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lindsey! I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that we all love you and are so proud of everything you have accomplished for yourself and your family. Can't wait to see you guys in a few months.

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

So cute! I loved this post. Thanks for your sweet words. :)

Emily said...

You have a great Family! What a nice way to show them all, you are a great sister/daughter/mother/wife and friend.