Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Playing at the Lakes

I actually have no clue what this HUGE park is called, but it not only has playground stuff but frisbee-golf courses, baseball diamonds, bike paths, and probably more that I haven't discovered yet. And of course, the "lakes" that cover another large area of the park. (during the winter, there were tons of ice fishing huts) Oh, and it's actually in Minnesota!

(don't worry grandma, this part was very shallow and not near the playground!)

This was the shot I got when I tried to get all 3 kiddos to pose in front of the water and the surrounding bluffs. Notice that Josh is not there...

But Josh was excited to show off his awesome climbing skills! He doesn't remember that he used to hang out at the climbing gym with mom and dad when he was really little.

Even our timid Jack was ready for the amount of sunshine that motivated us to get out and play! He's not usually my climber.

The very first thing we all ran to was this ancient merry-go-round. My kids had never seen one and they ALL hopped on. This is pretty big for my boys who rarely try anything new these days. They loved going around, and I loved all the giggling! I almost couldn't get Layla away from it.

Josh has gotten very, very in to baseball. He starts t-ball next month and CAN-NOT-WAIT!!
(his former pitching daddy is so proud)

So despite that crazy amount of wind that night, and our food blowing away in it, we still had a good time. Winter was WAY TOO LONG here in Wisconsin.


Amy said...

They are all so adorable! And if it makes you feel better winter is stretching on here too... *sigh*

Tanya said...

That looks like an awesome park! I can't wait to see your posts about all of your recent travels.