Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Last October...

... at least in Utah, for a while.

Who knew that my kids would love to dress up with scary masks!?!
Halloween definitely arrived at our house!

After months of training on treadmills, and running with an awesome and patient friend, I FINALLY ran my planned 6K at Thanksgiving Point!! I loved it and can't wait to run another. Just imagine 1850 women of all ages and sizes running together. The energy and atmosphere was amazing. And I was so proud that I had made a goal, worked on it, and then achieved it!

For mine and Dan's combined 30th birthdays, (mine is still coming) we were so graciously taken to Las Vegas by Dan's mom and stepdad: Granny & Grampa Dan. We stayed in the Planet Hollywood Towers, just 1 year old, and it was an awesome room! Then we were even luckier to be able to see LOVE, by Circue du Soleil. Dan and I have been humming Beatles tunes ever since!

And then there was the pumpkin patch with Grampa Russ. 

Kid wheel-barrows were the best!

And it's a good thing we are moving to farm country, so Jack can get his fix of tractors and anything made my John Deere!! 
(what, did I just say moving...?)

Thanks Grampa Russ!! 
We will miss you, and everyone else we love so much here in Utah.

We will have lots more time to post when we get to La Crosse, Wisconsin... next month.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

This post...

...has had me emotional all afternoon. (okay, for the last 2 weeks)

And has been 1 year in the making.


Layla, you came in to our family and made us complete. A baby girl, following 2 very busy boys! 

You brought a needed calmness to our home, as well as the sweetest spirit. 
You taught your big brothers how to love someone littler than themselves.

Then came your funny, independent, willful, and mischievous personality.
(this is her plotting-face)

Really, feet on the table?
You are known as:
baby girl
trouble maker
little sister

Layla, you make us so happy. You make us laugh, and you know how to frustrate your brothers! You are already way too smart, and keep us on our toes... We can't wait for all that is to come. And with more tears, of pure happiness, in my eyes I speak for all of us when I say

And check out just how daring this girlie is, already. We are in trouble!