Thursday, August 19, 2010

SO CUTE Binky Clips

I learned how to make something new last month. Binky clips. I have given some away, after having the design tested and approved by my own cute baby! She loves hers. But I have TONS left over from a boutique that I made the clips for. So...


Spoil your own baby, friend's baby, or coming niece or nephew.

(Congrats to my sis-in-law, Lynsie, who is giving us another cousin!!!)

This is a sample of how to use it with this type of binky. Layla's is the NUK kind, but I cut off the ribbon since it gets stinky, and strung the clip through the plastic ring.

Made with a variety of tans, creams, with cream stars.


I have been using pinks and corals together, and I have found that they have matched almost everything Layla has been wearing. But of course, I can do just pinks, reds, purples... Name it!

I also have Layla wearing one of these and I love it! I almost thought the rainbow of colors would be too much, but made some anyway... but it is SO cute with everything she wears!

This is the big rivalry in Utah, so I thought it would be funny to have them right next to each other in the picture! 
But I can personalize any binky clip: names, b-day, nicknames, special colors...

Regular binky clips - $8:00
Personalized -  $10.00


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Temporary Unavailable

Yes, we are moving. And so, I am (or should be) very busy packing and keeping the 3 entertained at the same time.

But really, I can't update with anything fun or visual because my laptop's charger died and I cannot stand (since I can't say hate) the Apple Store, so a trip there is not tempting enough to schedule it in to my day. And who is at the Gateway that often anyway?

So, please stand by. I am sure a whole crap-load of pictures and events will posted soon.

By soon, I mean the first part of September, if I am responsible enough to stay focused on the task at hand!

Enjoy your day.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


...these things made me happy:

* Waking up refreshed, thanks to our new mattress topper.

* A great work-out.

* Knowing that Jack had some great alone time with Grampa and Gramma Goates.

*Lots of yummy fresh fruit in my Bountiful Basket.

* Doing some more de-junking and packing... Foxboro, here we come!!

* Finishing my talk for church tomorrow! (only had 3 days notice)

* An authentic Philly Cheese Steak sandwich from Moochies. (holy crap, it's so good)

* Shrieks of laughter coming from Josh as he soaked himself in the Gateway fountain!

*Making Layla giggle as I help her stand on her own for 2 seconds, then letting her feel the falling sensation. (she is a thrill-seeker)

* Oh, and making out with Dan a little before I headed to the store!!!

... just thought you'd like to know how my day went. How was yours?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Reunions - Part 2

10 years ago, I worked at Brighton LDS Girls Camp.

This is a camp up at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, and is for 12-14 year-old girls to come for 5 days to experience the outdoors, meet new friends, sing camp songs, and most importantly, become closer to their Savior and Father in Heaven.

It was an honor to work at such a place, and to have such responsibilities that I had.

"The counselors up at Brighton, they say are mighty fine..."

To follow tradition, which is VERY long-standing, (established in 1921) my camp counselor name was Jasper. I was lucky enough to share a room with 3 other counselors for the first half of our summer, and Cheers was one of those. (we didn't connect at the reunion, but I will see her next week!)

"... A time to remember the beautiful things..."

30 years ago, my mom was also a Brighton Counselor. Her camp name was Cracka', and when she came for her 20 year reunion, while I was still a counselor, she painted her name by mine in the cabin we both had been assigned to during our respective summers!

I loved Brighton as a 12 & 13 year-old, but really started loving it long before... My mom used to sing us to sleep with the sweet camp songs that sing of the mountains, friendship, the Savior, etc. I was destined to be a part of this wonderful legacy.

"... now I know that God has made this world for me..."

I don't get told that I "haven't changed a bit," since of course I have. But, dang, this girl - Bay - HAS NOT CHANGED!! This is her same huge smile she shared with all of us as well as her young campers 10 years ago.

"God didn't give me much, just the green leaves of summer..."

Tizzy was the first reunion from my summer of 2000. She (Liz) also graduated from East High School. It was great to see her again and share our memories of other counselors, catching and killing mice, the food, the campers... Seriously, it's amazing what things come back to you when you are with people you shared them with!

"I know a place where no one ever goes. There's peace and quiet, beauty and repose..."

Okay, I had to do the zip line for old times sake!

"Walk tall you're a daughter, a child of God..."

Horizon was probably one of the first people I met when moving my stuff up for that summer. She (Sarah) was one of the 3 roomates I had the privilege of living with. She was, and still is, so sweet and genuine. I was lucky to see her since her family now lives in Minnesota. (which is funny, because the 4th of our roomates' camp name WAS Minnesota!)

The wonderful thing about having reunions, which span many generations, is that the camp, like the Gospel, doesn't change. Sure, there have been some cosmetic work done, and the counselors change each summer... But the spirit of love and the beauty of the canyon will always remain.

"... the Gospel truth has come to me, I want to pass it on."

At least for me, this camp was probably where my personal testimony of our wonderful gospel started to grow as a 12-year-old. As a 19-year-old, I can tell you that this is definitely where I felt the pure love of God for the beautiful girls who were in my care each week.

"Shadows creep o'er the earth, darkness falls anew. Winds are still, heav'ns are clear. Stars their lights subdue. Moon above and our love say good-night to you. Say good-night to you."

Monday, August 2, 2010

What do you do...

...when it's 80 Degrees IN YOUR HOUSE?

Go somewhere new to get out all the energy pent up in your children so they will crash when you get home. This is what we did last night right after a post-church nap for all.

Welcome to


(seriously, say that word with a normal voice... it's impossible, right?!)

This garden was designed by a local artist named Thomas Child, who died in 1963. It used to be private property, which was a temptation to thrill-seeking teenagers who would climb the fence at night to freak themselves out. Gilgal is filled with sculptures, rocks, engraved landscaping stones... and of course, the infamous Joseph Smith Sphinx,

The last time I visited Gilgal, it had been made open to the public, but we waited until night to get the creepy effect. Well, in the light of day, Dan and I actually read the visitor guide which explains every piece of art in the garden. Now I find it a very unique and insightful place.

Honestly, Dan and I had heard rumors of the artist being nuts, or an LDS fanatic. The truth is, Thomas Child served as an LDS bishop for 9 years and all of his art pieces are inspired by a certain scripture or person from church history.

For example, the Joseph Smith Sphinx:
A sphinx is a symbol of mystery and the unknown. Yet, Joseph Smith aided in the restoration of the gospel of Christ to the earth, therefore bringing truth and answers.

There is another HUGE piece that is a very tall boulder with the carving of a warrior, with the top stone for the head left unfinished. This warrior represents the warriors of God, and the head was left "blank" so we can picture ourselves as such.

Again, with there being a giant sculpture of Thomas Child himself, who wouldn't think he was a bit nutty. But, a different sculptor did that for him. Child had such a love and respect for the art of Masonry, which is why this piece is surrounded by the tools he and his artists used.

But, there must have been a certain energy inside this garden... or the fact that it was filled with stones and boulders. Josh and Jack were in heaven running around, since we had the place to ourselves. Thankfully.

Gilgal has been very well-restored, as well as voluntarily had flower gardens added by Utah State University. Now that we are much more educated about the artist and his intentions, it is a beautiful place to visit. What a wonderful testimony of his faith and love for his LDS religion that he has left behind for us to enjoy.

Address: 749 E 500 S