Monday, May 31, 2010

During the month of May...

...Layla found that her toes are her favorite chew toys!

...Josh "borrowed" my camera, again.
(which now explains the white film on all pictures since then, now that I see them on screen)

...Daddy got some Layla-time in before she went to Ohio for 5 days.

...Layla met her new cousin, Owen Lee Goates. (mom's and dad's 1st nephew) She also LOVED having Grace there to giggle with, and tons of adult attention for babies only!
(aka: Camp Cousins)

...Oh, and Layla weened herself to bottles. She still nurses a couple times a day, but that's one less thing for mom to do during June! 

...Josh has become obsessed with puzzles. He is really fast to. While the boys were here alone for a few days, Josh and Dad completed a 500 piece puzzle!!

And here is just a stinkin' cute video!!


Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

Fun post! And SUCH A CUTE video! I love baby belly laughs. It's like they don't know quite what they're doing yet so it's almost like it's out of control. Miss you guys!!

Amanda said...

Very cute video and pictures! I wish we were closer and could have more time like that