Monday, February 15, 2010


I have been thinking that I need to dedicate a post on our sweet Jack. He falls in between the oldest and the baby girl, who both get tons of things posted about them. And although Jack is the most perfect middle-child, I would hate for him to think he was ever forgotten.

Jack was our welcome surprise!
He and Josh are only 18 months apart, and they can be the best of friends... and sometimes the worst enemies. We were worried about how having a baby would effect things at our house, but Jack absolutely adores Layla. We can see that Jack was meant to be in the middle because of how much he loves his 2 siblings... and we know he will bridge any gap between the 3 of them.

Jack is full of wonder, but of very few words.
Whenever Jack is experiencing something for the first time, all we hear is, "wow" or "whoa," in a very small, soft voice. His eyes get very big and his face portrays his awe. He loves really big things, such as trains, planes, tractors, bulldozers, dump trucks, etc. He could sit for hours watching any of these things. Sometimes we catch him taking peeks under our 4-runner to see what is underneath. And, he plays with his cars/trucks laying parallel with them on the ground to be able to see each detail of what he is creating. We are so excited to see what he becomes.

Jack is a very sensitive soul.
With Josh, we had become accustomed to playing hard and loud... then Jack came. He LOVED being the baby, and just being held. He is one who will still cuddle with me in the morning or after nap time until he is fully awake. When he gets in trouble, he gets much more upset and emotional... as if his feelings were hurt. We have to be careful about this. He is quicker to say "sorry" if he has done something wrong, and still loves to have his "ahyies" kissed. (owies)

Jack Jack
Jack will most likely be in speech therapy, like his brother, but with different needs. Here are some of the words that will be "lost" when his speech delays begin to be resolved:

truck - "bub"
Layla Hope- "Ayla Wope"
Josh - "Gah"
Baby Grace - "Beebee Gae"
Baby Owen - "Beebee Ohnga"
Lucy - "Woowhee"
I Love You - "I wuh woo"
digger - "didder"
water - "yaguh"
Time to go - "tine-go"

Jack, we all love you so much. You are a very important person in our family.


Amanda said...

that post got my heart! We love him so much. He came with such an amazing spirit.

Granny said...

Great post!
Jack really is a special boy.
He is so sweet.
I love the way he is always hugging and kissing Layla.
Nice job Lindsey.

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

This post was so sweet - I almost teared up reading it. I'm glad you shared all of that and wrote it down. He is such a cute boy.