Friday, January 29, 2010

Kid Pics Friday

Hi! My name is Josh. I am 4.
For Christmas, I got a cool camera and these are the things I took pictures of.

I spend my whole day with Jack and Layla. (when she's awake)
And, my favorite lunch is chicken nuggets. (mom always makes us eat fruit with them!)

  This is my new cousin, Gracie May. She came and played at our house a lot last month. I get to see her next week. I hope she smiles at me.

I LOVE the movie Cars, and I have tons of Cars-toys, clothes, and even socks. My uncle Thomas Goates even sent my some Cars stamps from Argentina! 

Hi! I am Jack Jack, and sometimes I steal Josh's camera. I take pictures of everything, including my crazy dad!


Suzanne said...

So cute! He has a good eye for things. Did he help you write the captions? I also love the top picture on your page, although Layla looks slightly terrified. I'll have to meet her one of these days!

Lindsey Montague said...

I still have yet to get all 3 of them to:

1- sit still
2- get Layla to smile long enough for them to sit still
3- be nice and happy when we are at home so I can stage a cute pic

It will come soon enough.

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

I'm just getting to checking the blogs and just saw this one! How cute is that. I think it's so neat that he has taken his own pictures... like a small look into Josh's view of the world. Also, you'll have to show me how you put pictures side-by-side like that.