Tuesday, December 29, 2009

100th Post!!

I think it's appropriate that my 100th post is about our Sweet Layla's blessing day. She was able to be blessed the same night as her cousin, Grace, with just our 3 families there. It was a very sweet blessing given to her by her dad, who got all choked up as he spoke about her eventually finding a spouse to take her to the temple to be married. He can't imagine giving her away at some point.

One extra special part of the night was that each baby girl wore the same blessing dress that her mama wore as she was blessed.. many years before. My mom was very thoughtful to save those. Who knew that both baby girls would get to wear them on the same day!

We were so happy to have so many loved ones in the same room for such a special occasion, and those were not there were definitely in our hearts.

We love you Layla and Grace.


Amanda said...

very cute pictures! Glad we could be there

Barb said...

How cool that they could be blessed on the same day together!!

natalie said...

How sweet it must have been to have them blessed on the same day together! The girls of the day are gorgeous, and speaking of gorgeous... hello hot mama! I love your hair! :)

Emily said...

How cool! I love all the pictures, kudos to you for remembering documenting the event. You are an awesome mom!

Karen said...

Gorgeous girls!(Mom and Daughters!) Sounds like a really neat blessing day.

Erin said...

What a sweet way to bless those girls.