Friday, November 27, 2009

First of all...

... we missed Ben & Amanda, Jason & Jacey, and Jamie, Ryan & baby Grace at dinner. We can't wait for Christmas to be all together.

We started our day by watching the parade. Josh's faves: Spongebob & Buzz Lightyear.
Josh and Jack also designed their own handprint turkeys.

The To-Do List
(and corresponding recipes)

My first, and very successful, pecan pie!! Yum.

Layla was the only one relaxing on this holiday.

The Spread

After our wonderful Thanksgiving feast, we all watched 'Up,' which was so cute and had my boys' attention the entire time.

Adam Sandler's Turkey song has nothing on Josh.

(at the end of the day, we heard "Thanksgiving is over...")

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Amanda said...

yum! Missed you guys

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

Funny Josh. Grace was sleeping next to the computer when I played the video and it woke her up hearing his voice! She's a pretty deep sleeper, so that says a lot. :) We really missed you guys too, by the way! LEss than 3 weeks now....

Emily said...

Pretty pie! I like the way you arranged your pecans. It looks like you guys had a great holiday.
Josh is a rockstar. Love the Pj's, nice touch.