Saturday, March 28, 2009

Better Late Than Never

March Birthdays!

After a very long week of late-working nights for both of us, I can finally say Happy Birthday to probably 2 of the most important people in my life: my wonderful mom and amazing hubby.

Dan is very easy to please in the sweets departments: anything with PB cups. So, the boys and I got him a Peanut Butter Perfection Ice Cream Cake from Coldstone. YUM!

Dan, we love your silliness, your light-hearted attitude about life, and ability to make every person you come in contact with feel extra important. We love you, daddy!!

We also surprised my mom, or grandma, at her favorite Saturday lunch spot, Eat A Burger. She loves all of us so much and is always thinking about us and praying for us. How could we all be so lucky? Plus, she has the best car and micro-machine collection EVER!! We love you mom.

I did have to add this video for those who don't always get to see the boys. Dan taught Jack a new trick, and it's way cute!


Erica said...

you are such a great family.

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

I watched the video three times in a row! Plus I love the new colors!

Tanya said...

Happy double birthday month! Sounds like a fun one. Let us know when you're moving and we'll bring you dinner one night so you don't have to worry about food.

And thanks for the book suggestions! Now that I've gotten past that huge one, I'm picking up momentum.

Amanda said...

Yeah, I love the videos. You need to start something like "video mondays" so I can get enough of those little men of yours :)

Lindsey Montague said...

That's a good idea, Amanda. I sometimes feel like I have nothing good to blog about. Yet, these monkeys are always willing to be silly to get filmed. (nice morals) I will work on it!