Friday, November 21, 2008

A First for Both

My boys have never had tons of hair... especially little bald Josh. But seeing as we will have many pictures taken this weekend for Jason's wedding, (uncle "Js Js") we decided it was time for first haircuts. I just assumed that Josh would have the melt down. He hates being "handled." (never try to clip his nails) So I thought that Cookie Cutters would be a good first experience for the boys.

You can see here that Josh could really care less what is being done to him. I couldn't get a closer shot since my other hand was holding Jack down. (as you'll soon see) My theory about Josh is this: as long as it was a cute girl doing things to him, he wouldn't mind it. Those who know him, know what a flirt he is.  (hmm, where would that come from?)

Jack, on the other hand, wasn't as mellow as usual. He screamed the entire time. To give him some credit, he was suffering from a sinus infection. As he was oozing from every hole in his face, the stylist was so gently and patient... and fast. Luckily, the haircut only aged him by about a year. (I told the girls to keep them looking like my babies!) 

Overall, I was impressed at the speed of the cuts, the patience and cute personalities of the stylists, and, what toddler doesn't love going home with a balloon. BUT, I spent $30 for the 20 minutes we were there. That's craziness. It was a good for a first time, but we'll stick to the $6 haircuts thanks.

A quick personal note:
I have started teaching again! Some have asked me where, and this is honestly the first time I have had time to blog in 2 weeks. I am a D-track AM kindergarten teacher at Butterfield Canyon Elementary. (in Herriman... the SW corner of the valley) I just finished up the 2nd week today, and all is going great. My class is fabulous, as well as the other K teachers. This was a sudden opportunity, but it came from a highly-respected principal, and at a time when who knows what is going on with this economy. So, Dan just doesn't work in the mornings and I get home after lunch and can play all afternoon with the boys. It seemed to be a good fit, and I get to do what I love. (plus, to brag a bit, I'm really good at it!!) I think all moms should leave the house for 4 hours a day... to keep sanity and love her family that much more.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

This is what happens...

...before 7:00 AM. Who knew? 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008



This was the funniest thing to come home to today... Dan had them both ready to play outside. This puffy suit is a hand-me-down, so neither boy had worn it before. It made Jack look like an Oompa Loompa.

Josh loved putting the carrot-nose on the snowman's face. 

Jack just waddled up and down the sidewalk, up and down the stairs, and on and off of the neighbors' porches. But, he was very warm!

The finished product.
Jack is giggling because as soon as Dan would let go of him, he'd slide off like a penguin. I barely got his shot before he was on his back again.

Josh thinks that the snow is only for makings balls. He is such a boy!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Hoopla!

We had a great Halloween, which kept us really busy. Lots of family and friends came for our annually made donuts. 

Josh and Jack loved their pumpkins!

The weather was AMAZINGLY warm, and most of our neighbors were hanging out on their porches. Jack only got about 4 houses, walking, but made sure he was 
holding a candy in each hand.

Josh quickly figured out the goal of the evening, and after each house would say, "more." After the 10th house, he handed me his uncomfortably heavy bag and said, "no more."
So we were done.

Mommy's, Daddy's, Josh's, Jack's

Thanks to  gramma and grampa Goates, we were able to whip up 100 donuts to share and enjoy. Let's not ever discuss how many we each ate...