Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Party (part one)

I have to admit that I made the coolest cake ever!! It was a fun thought to celebrate Jack's first word - "dog." (or "gog") This was way too easy, and only took me 10 minutes to put it all together. (thanks to Granny for actually baking the cake earlier in the day) It was pretty yummy too!

Here is the birthday boy after the traumatic cake experience. Apparently, he does not enjoy being "singed" at. (quote from uncle Js Js, I believe) 

I would say that Jack loved opening his gifts, but really it was Josh who did most of that. Thank you to all those who lovingly sent them from where you are living. You were ALL missed.

We thought it would be funny to put Jack in the big gift sack from GG's present. He really liked being in it, but mostly being protected from sitting directly on the scratchy grass. He would have stayed there all night and been a happy kid.

These pics were taken by uncle Tom, and he got some good shots. Thanks little Tom! We are excited to see what Grampa (Hey You) got, and will post those when we get them. 

We had a fun evening celebrating Jack's big day. My boys are very lucky to have lots of family to come around and love them. Thank you to everyone who helped make the day great! We love you.


Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

What a cute boy! I'm so sad we missed it all. I heard from Tom and Jason about his tramatic experience with "Happy Birthday". haha Poor guy.

Amanda said...

He is seriously such a little boy! We miss you guys!